Lakin Viromm, Reckless Admiral

Hello, and welcome to the final Tuesdays at Quark’s for April! We’ve got a theme of time travel for this month and for this entry I’m going back to one of the first NPCs seen in this series.

The last time we saw Lakin Viromm he was a reckless captain who bent the regulations of Starfleet. In his future, Viromm has become an admiral even more willing to bend the rules, so much so that he has traveled back in time to the present in order to stop a devastating war. He won’t let anything stop him, including the PCs, but he also will need allies if he’s going to succeed, including the PCs.

You can time-shift any of the NPCs from Tuesdays at Quark’s: I picked Viromm because I thought his motivations made for an interesting story. The mechanical shift, of course, is somewhat subtle but that’s also an interesting development. I suggest you imagine future versions of your favorite NPCs, as a fun exercise and one that can tell you a lot about your NPCs in the present as well.

There are lots of directions to take this character, but here are a few plot hooks to get you started.

  • The crew encounters Admiral Viromm masquerading as his past self and attempting to access classified records about starship deployments throughout the Federation. When they stop him from entering the wrong access codes and hear his story, they are put in an unfortunate situation of having to chose between duty and salvation.
  • The Player Characters are sent to find the U.S.S. Vishpala which has strayed into Tholian space for unknown reasons. When they reach the ship they find two Lakin Viromms onboard, one of whom has a very interesting story about the future…
  • After the crew meets Admiral Viromm and hears his story, they are contacted by V’leme, a temporal agent from the future come to stop him. Who’s vision of the future and warnings about the timeline will win out in the end?

Click on the image below for the PDF.


  1. I know that this post is a little old but love the work. I lost my bookmark to the site with the pictures. Where did you get the image for the character from?

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