Continuing Mission Generator: Shuttle And Ship Cards

Here’s another resource from my gaming table: shuttle and ship handouts.

This PDF is a sample of what’s possible, using the starship from my campaign as of Season 1, Episode 10. There are also 2 standard Shuttlecraft cards.

You can use a similar format for your own crew’s ship, enemy ships, etc. by using the Google Sheet I will provide in a link below.

Sample ship: U.S.S. Sojourner (PDF)


To create your own ship and shuttle cards, click on REPLICATE to copy the template to your own Google Drive, then change the information. You can put four different ships on the template, or copy the data so that you can have multiple copies of one ship for your group.

Images should be 100×100 pixel photos. Put them somewhere online, like your own WordPress site. The Google Sheets formula to use is =image(“theURLofImage”,3).

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