Tzenkethi Starships

In the Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook, the information on the Tzenkethi Coalition is exciting and makes for a great alternative to the species that players might already be very familiar with. However, there aren’t any starships for use with the Coalition… so here are some that I’ve made!

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While the Tzenkethi species in the sourcebook clearly owes its detail to the Star Trek novels, particularly the books of the Star Trek: Typhon Pact miniseries, there aren’t many details about their starships in those books. Instead, I’ve chosen to make use of the Tzenkethi ships from Star Trek Online. After all, from the cover photo of this post, it’s clear that the Alpha Quadrant book is depicting these very same starship designs for the Tzenkethi in Star Trek Adventures canon.

If you want, you could use the Star Trek Online Tzenkethi and make the Tzenkethi a divided species or (my favorite) have the STO Tzenkethi be some sort of soldier species (I’d name them the Gon’Crani after the system with a Tzenkethi military production facility). The Tzenkethi use these hulking aliens as their soldiers and in turn provide technology and security for their less-advanced servant species.

There’s also the matter of the Tzenkethi themselves, of course. The species separates its children into Echelons when they are still fetuses but the Alpha Quadrant book doesn’t detail what those species are. From the Typhon Pact series we get some and I’ve collected them in the table below (with a few additions to round things out). Remember that Tzenkethi in these groups are rated from AA (the best) to EE (the lowest), though those who utterly fail in their duty are rated 0 and forbidden from procreating. You might, therefore, have a mid-level Tzenkethi scientist named Keln’ta Hom Yal-B or a high-ranking starship commander named Teilsath Lon’sej Vel-A.

FelProblem Solver
GarGovernmental Leadership
TovGovernmental Leader
VelStarship Commander
YorMedical Professional

And now, without further ado here are the starships. Enjoy and provide any feedback you have for these designs!

Tzenkethi Starships

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