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I love it when I stumble across a website that adds more oomph to my Star Trek Adventures games. Spend some fun minutes playing with these SFX! Liven up your games by tossing in a torpedo or buttons SFX!

Here is some background from the site’s creator, Brian Swift.

My name is Brian Swift and I have an obsessive love of game mastering in the Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars universes. Currently, I’m running games for each franchise (but not all in the same week!) My biggest claim to fame would be my website, which is the world’s most comprehensive resource for information about Doctor Who’s home planet of Gallifrey.

“I created the Star Trek Soundboard to test my new web-building skills and because I hadn’t been able to find a good Star Trek soundboard for my Star Trek game. I use windows media player for music playlists, and the Ambient Mixer site for ambient noise, but had nothing for quick one-shot sound FX like a phaser beam or a door opening. The actual choice of sound FX was based on what I would need for my 24th century Star Trek: Reunion campaign.

“The heroes spend the majority of the stories operating out of an old uprated Constitution Class (or sometimes a Klingon Bird of Prey) while sneaking around Romulan Space dealing with Romulan stuff. So that’s why the equipment is 24th century but the ship is 23rd century, and why there are no Dominon, Cardassian, or Borg sound FX. (I might someday add sounds from modern Starfleet ships and those other cultures when I have more time.)”

Star Trek Soundboard



    1. Agreed, you definitely need to play around with this before you can use it on the fly… Still, playing around with Star Trek sounds is a pretty fun assignment!

  1. Its my site. It’s built for my Trek Campaign [which is a 24th century crew on a TOS era ship] so the effects available reflect that. But hopefully it will be of some use to other groups.

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