Review of Fred Love’s Star Trek Adventure RPG Module “Biological Clock”

How did the Star Trek Adventures Biological Clock module rate?

Tribbles 5-5

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The crew of the USS Pioneer (my player group’s Intrepid-class starship) finished playing Biological Clock, a modern classic story created by Fred Love for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game and included in the These are the Voyages mission compendium. This was a dynamic adventure that I never would have imagined would rock my players like it did.

This might rank as an all-time favorite for me. You will see why when I explain why below.

SYNOPSIS (spoiler alert)

optera planetary scan

“Biological Clock” is a scenario that presents the crew of a Starfleet Vessel with an ethical dilemma weighing the future of an intelligent species against the Prime Directive, Starfleet’s most important regulation that outlaws interference in the development of alien societies. The mission also gives Player Characters the opportunity to solve a mystery on a remote planet and initiate first contact with a strange race of aliens who originate from a place beyond the confines of normal space and time.


optera swarm.JPG

I gave this module 5 out of 5 Tribbles! Here is how it rated:

Canonicity – I think my players said it best when they described how this module fits into the overall look and feel of Star Trek.

I thought that it was a great scenario that incorporated the feel of Star Trek really well,” our vessel’s Chief Science Officer said. “There’s a mystery, a chance at research, and some action scenes as well. Combined with a moral conundrum and some diplomacy, this adventure made me really feel like I was in a Trek episode.” 

Another who plays a Chief Security Officer commented, “I wholeheartedly agree. This was a very immersive and exciting episode with all the trappings of true Star Trek.”

I have to agree. Fred Love nailed it.

Relatability – “This was a very Star Trek adventure with a bit of everything and a lot of flexibility,” our ship’s non-Federation Strategic Advisor and person-who-threw-the-first-punch commented.

Fred wrote a module that truly could fit in any era of Star Trek. It was totally adaptable and relatable, with the science involved easy to grasp. As some of my other reviews have brought out, the writer may dive a little too deep into some of the science making it a challenge for the GM to remember the details. This was not the case with “Biological Clock.”

the opteransThe creator of this module did a great job with the helpful inserts about each of the races encountered and, in the case of the Opteran super-insects, their origin. The inserted boxes made simple explanations explaining the motivations and functionality of the alien creatures. I only had to read it once to grasp it.

Likability – A module is only as good as the Players who enjoy it.

The episode felt very Trek,” our resident doctor and first-person-to-get-knocked-out said. “Also enjoyed the opportunities we could take. Trying some different things when needed.” 

optera tower mapOur ship’s assistant-chief-engineer and Cardassian-who-screams-at-his-underlings-too-much added, “I thought it was pretty solid, very open-ended for the most part. It left a lot of room for us to figure out our own way through. Had a real Trek feel to it. Would definitely recommend it!”

As stated above, this was one of the easiest modules to digest as a GM, matching the likes of Michael Duxbury’s “The Ghost Writer” and Jim Johnson’s “Convoy SE-119”.

Accessibility – Wrapped into the These are the Voyages mission compendium, I find that this mission alone makes the purchase worth it. 

Quality – The art, the maps, and (as mentioned above) the helpful inserted info boxes made this an easily-navigable module that I will sing the praises of until the Opterans get home.

Modiphius is doing a wonderful job with the compendiums, making the life of gamemasters everywhere easier and giving players hours of Trekkie fun.

If you want an adventure that heralds to the best of the best of Star Trek, Biological Clock will scratch that itch.

(To see our entire play report, see Star Trek Pioneer, Season 2, Episode 6: Biological Clock.)

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