First Contact: Maloculan

The Maloculans are a new species I created for general use, and will likely make an appearance in my campaign. They are intended to be a new, warp-capable species with a small but growing empire that can make an interesting and possibly dangerous adversary (or ally). They can be dropped into any era and area of space. This can be in the Shackleton Expanse, the Sargon Region and Beyond (Continujng Mission’s campaign region), or anywhere you can insert a hitherto unknown star-spanning empire.

I begin with the species itself, and will add starships and NPC stats in future posts. I’ve left many elements of their culture open for development as needed for your campaign and imagination. Other articles on Maloculans will be broad strokes as well.

CAUTION: This is intended primarily for GMs who want to introduce an unknown threat, so players should avoid reading further.

The Maloculans are a humanoid species that absorb and re-emit photonic afterimages of themselves, as a defense mechanism. They seem metallic but are not. Their clothing and equipment have been designed to support and enhance these illusions. They are almost always in motion, and after images linger for a few seconds. Maloculans are driven by glory, and sometimes notoriety. They enjoy baffling and confusing their enemies. Their voices are echoey, making it more difficult to find them.

Originally from a desert planet with a binary star, the Maloculans prefer well-lit environments. Their growing stellar empire is called The Maloculan Resonance.

Maloculan (PDF)

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