Maloculan Prism Class and Diamond Class Starships

Here are two starships used by the Maloculans (see their species profile and NPCs articles from previous weeks). Maloculan starships are able to create photonic decoys, and have sensor-baffling designs that make specific systems difficult to target. Their multiphasic phasers are versatile, and due to their multiphasic enhancement, can penetrate shields. Their torpedoes are less advanced, and are photonic torpedoes.

The Prism class starships are Scale 3, and travel in squadrons. They use their photonic decoys to make it difficult to guess how many actual starships are in the same flight.

The Diamond class starship is Scale 5, and are able to fire photonic torpedoes rapidly.

Maloculan Prism Class and Diamond Class Starships (PDF)Microsoft Word - Starship-STA-Maloculan.docx


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