Menagerie Cards: Sets 9 & 10

The Menagerie Cards series continues with new Evolution / Predation / Ethology cards. See the first post about Menagerie Cards for how to use them, and use this link to find all the cards in the series so far.

Set 9: Crocodiloid / Pursuit Predator / Territorial Defender

  • The Crocodiloid Evolution suggests an amphibious reptile.
  • The Pursuit Predator Predation indicates a predator that chases its prey, like a cheetah or dolphin.
  • The Territorial Defender Ethology refers to an animal that has established its own territory, and is vicious towards others that trespass on what it perceives to be its own domain.

Menagerie Set 9 (PDF)STA-CC

Set 10: Pterodactyloid / Haematophage / Burrower

  • The Pterodactyloid Evolution suggests a flying reptilian shape.
  • The Haematophage Predation indicates a bloodsucker, like a mosquito, vampire bat, or other bloodrinking animals.
  • The Burrower Ethology refers a creature that can burrow underground, like a mole or worm.

Menagerie Set 10 (PDF)STA-CC

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