Menagerie Cards: Sets 13 & 14

The Menagerie Cards series continues with new Evolution / Predation / Ethology cards. See the first post about Menagerie Cards for how to use them, and use this link to find all the cards in the series so far.

Set 13: Corvoid / Endurance Hunter / Hypnotic Defender

  • The Corvoid Evolution suggests a bird shape, in this case crow-like. However, you are free to change the shape to that of any bird.
  • The Endurance Hunter Predation indicates an animal that tries to tire out its prey by chasing the target, before attacking. Wild dogs are an example.
  • The Hypnotic Defender Ethology refers a creature that tries to hypnotize those that prey upon it, to ignore it. Some creatures may use this as a strategy for attack as well.

Menagerie Set 13STA-CC

Set 14: Ursoid / Insectivore / Camouflager

  • The Ursoid Evolution suggests a bear-like creature.
  • The Insectivore Predation indicates a creature that feeds on insects, like frogs and mantises.
  • The Camouflager Ethology refers a creature that is able to camouflage itself against the background, or create its own camouflage. Chameleons, frogs, trapdoor spiders, and octopi are some examples.

Menagerie Set 14STA-CC

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