Menagerie Cards: Sets 19 & 20

The Menagerie Cards series continues with new Evolution / Predation / Ethology cards. See the first post about Menagerie Cards for how to use them, and use this link to find all the cards in the series so far.

Set 19: Pantheroid / Ram Feeder / Apex Predator

  • The Pantheroid Evolution suggests a cat-like shape.
  • The Ram Feeder Predation indicates an animal where the predator moves forward with mouth open, engulfing creatures in its path. This mostly indicates an aquatic creature.
  • The Apex Predator Ethology refers to a creature at the top of the food chain, with no natural predators. For example, a lion.

Menagerie Set 19 (PDF)STA-CC

Set 20: Suinoid / Energy Absorber / Docile Creature

  • The Suinoid Evolution suggests a boar-like creature.
  • The Energy Absorber Predation indicates an animal that absorbs living energy through touch or ranged attack.
  • The Docile Creature Ethology refers to a creature that does not present any real threat, and is either domesticated, or has little aggression (except in self defense).

Menagerie Set 20 (PDF)STA-CC

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