Menagerie Cards: Sets 11 & 12

The Menagerie Cards series continues with new Evolution / Predation / Ethology cards. See the first post about Menagerie Cards for how to use them, and use this link to find all the cards in the series so far.

Set 11: Lupinoid / Electrified Hunter / Nocturnal Creature

  • The Lupinoid Evolution suggests a wolf or dog-like creature.
  • The Electrified Hunter Predation indicates a creature that can generate electricity as a defensive or attack strategy, such as an electric eel.
  • The Nocturnal Creature Ethology refers to creatures that come out during the night, and are well-adapted to nocturnal situations.

Menagerie Set 11 (PDF)STA-CC

Set 12: Piscoid / Filter Feeder / Group Mind Creature

  • The Piscoid Evolution suggests a fish shape.
  • The Filter Feeder Predation indicates an animal that feeds by straining food from water. Clams, fish, flamingos, sponges, and whales are some examples.
  • The Group Mind Creature Ethology refers to animals that are linked telepathically, or perhaps are more like hive-minds.

Menagerie Set 12 (PDF)STA-CC

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