Free 3D Models (by Daniel Capua)



3D modeler Daniel Capua contacted us and asked us to let fellow STA gamers know about his fantastic free 3D minis that you can print for the Star Trek Adventures game. We’re happy to do so! Here’s the information from his Reddit thread.

“Hello people, new here and 3d modeling.

I played the quickstart adventure 3 or 4 months ago, and I really like that. In the occasion I made paper tokens, but i liked the characters and to show the game for other groups miniatures would be good idea.

And I’m 3d modeler with Blender, and I make miniatures for clients… why don’t make this for myself?

So, its made and as like the quickstart adventure its FREE on turbosquid in link below.

Please get the free adventure, print my minis, and go introduce Star Trek Adventures for new players.

Daniel Capua

PS: If you has problems with the link go and search for my name, this minis set is easy to find.”


  1. Im going to be watching Daniels work with avid interest!
    These are a great idea!
    Tony, do you know if Daniel has future plans to release each model in both M and F variants and other commonly used races?
    An ideal set would include 1 security, 1 command, 1 engineering , 1 medicine, 1 conn and 1 science pose for both M & F.

    1. Hello Jase, my initial idea was to make the free set with characters of Quickstart pdf, but I’ve been made others characters for other RPGs and certainly I’ll make more to StarTrek Adventures.

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