Hit Grids: Federation Starships (Command Division, Part 2)


Here is another set of Hit Grids. (Search here for all Hit Grids on our site.) Hit Grids are explained in this first article, which includes Starfleet spaceframes from the Core Rulebook.

This set includes a second set of spaceframes from the Command Division sourcebook. The list below summarizes which ships are covered. I included the Olympic-class Horizon variant (a possible reimagining of the U.S.S. Poseidonis from the Poseidonis adventure), as it features prominently in my campaign.

  • NX Class
  • Oberth Class
  • Olympic Class
  • Olympic Class (Horizon Variant)
  • Saber Class
  • Sovereign Class
  • Steamrunner Class
  • Sydney Class

Hit Grids (Command) Part 2

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