Holo Pursuits! The Adventures of Captain Proton

Welcome to the first instalment of a new series, Holo PursuitsMephit James wrote two excellent articles on how to make Holodeck adventures for your game: Holodecks in Star Trek Adventures and Holodeck Adventures: Thumbnail Guides.

Our aim is to make it easy for you to do a holodeck adventure. Using Mephit James’s Thumbnail Guides, you can create a scenario for your game quickly. Taking the example of The Adventures of Captain Proton as an example, we have created cards for the program and the personae for that milieu. Print them out (into a deck of holos, if you will), and hand them to your players.

We will feature iconic holodeck programs from the shows as well as original holoprograms. We hope to write more scenarios for the Holo Pursuits series ourselves, but we’re also opening this series to eager contributors, who want to showcase their holo-programs. If you’re interested, contact us with your idea. Don’t worry about formatting; we’ll do that. Just provide your milieu and personae in the format as presented in Holodeck Adventures: Thumbnail Guides. (Please note it may take some time for one of us to get back to you.)

The Adventures of Captain Proton (black background PDF)

The Adventures of Captain Proton (printer friendly PDF)

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