Holo Pursuits! The Discoveries of Professor Voss


We’re adding another to the series, Holo Pursuits! Be sure to read Holodecks in Star Trek Adventures and Holodeck Adventures: Thumbnail Guides to maximize the use of these articles.

The Discoveries of Professor Voss is set in a magic and steampunk world. It’s based on my short stories based on Professor Tremaine Voss. Two such stories are free-to-read on the Web: The Curse of Chimère and Night of the Manticore. (Directions to find the other stories may be found at my pages for Sphinx!, Creature of the Thaumatrope, and Our Chymical Séance).

One use of this holoprogram is as a steampunk detective series, solving crimes among the steam and shadows as Professor Voss or Inspector Georges Carmouche. Or, it could be a family drama, where Laure Harbin is the female protagonist, trying to find her mad father and ridding him of his demonic possession. It could even be an mystical archaeology dig by Professor Voss, or a fossil dig. You can even play out the filming of a silent movie with the cinematic angle.

More than usual, I’d love to hear what you’re doing with these characters, since it’s based on my fiction.

The Disoveries of Professor Voss (yellow and black PDF)

The Discoveries of Professor Voss (printer-friendly PDF)

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Contact us with your holoprogram ideas. Don’t worry about formatting; we’ll do that. Just provide your milieu and personae in the format as presented in Holodeck Adventures: Thumbnail Guides. (Please note it may take some time for one of us to get back to you.)

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