STA Bundle of Holding!

Looking to expand your Star Trek Adventures collection? Want to jumpstart your game or give your friend the gift of Star Trek roleplaying? Then you might be interested in the latest Bundle of Holding!

The Bundle of Holding has periodic collections of RPG materials, and 10% of their sales go to charitable sources (you can read more about it here). That’s a bonus but really it’s awesome to have the option of getting the core rulebook, the three division books, and the characters from the original series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine… all for $20!

If you want to spend another $21 you can get the Beta Quadrant Sourcebook, the introductory campaign A Star Beyond the Stars, the adventures collection These Are the Voyages, three other short adventures (Ends and Means which is one of my favorites, Call Back Yesterday, and Remnants), and the GM screen and reference sheets. Still an amazing deal!

This bundle will be up until May 11 so get over there soon if you’re interested!

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