New Bridges! Miranda and Constitution Refit

We’ve got some more battle maps for you today, courtesy of community member Sven Kox! He’s made two Movie-era bridges for you, so if you’re running a campaign in the 2290s this is for you!

First up, we have two versions of three refit Constitution class from the movies, so likely something that works well for the Enterprise-A as well as the original ship. The first (which Sven tells me is based on another three artwork of another fan called agent-p) is closest to the movie sets while the second one (based on some Deviant Art images by one falke2009) has some lighter upholstery for variation.

Sven also sent us a cool option for a Miranda-class bridge (also inspired by falke2009) which I think could be stretched to cover other designs of the same period. I especially live the extensive support rooms behind the bridge, an excellent “base map” for tracking character movements abs setting discussion scenes on the ship without having them all take place around the captain’s chair.

Thanks so much to Sven Kox for sending us his work, I know some people will make excellent use of it. If any of you wasn’t to share, please use the contact link above and we’ll be glad to get your stuff out there!


  1. Would love to see a Constitution refit bridge map including the dedicated Tactical and Sciences nooks at the 10 and 4 o’clock positions as in ST:TWOK.

    1. Ooo, good point. Could be on a vessel during a period of war… I can see a mission staying with those being installed and the crew dealing with it emotionally.

    2. Its Easy to make as you just have to take some blueprints and colorised them. But the Point is that the Twok era bridges don’t have an early LCARS which makes it harder to do all the buttons etc^^

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