Movie Era Tokens!

To populate his excellent bridge maps, Sven Kox has sent us some excellent tokens from the Movie Era. Here they are on his excellent bridge designs, scanning for Klingon birds-of-prey or maybe headed out to the edge of the galaxy.

I love the hands on the terminal! There are a variety of duty uniforms in this set, both the red iconic uniforms and the silver jumpsuits that we see Chekov and others wearing. It’s always been interesting to me that the uniforms shifted so dramatically between the original series and Next Generation. My head canon is that a strong personality in Starfleet Command pushed through their aesthetics for a time and then it reverted to more “traditional” design. Feel free to use that too if it helps you to make sense of things.

Seeing people at work on these bridges really brings them to life. If you want to use these tokens in your game as well, you can find the compressed file below! Sven has kindly organized these by species and gender so you should be able to quickly find an excellent token to utilize. If you want to see more of this sort of thing, let us know in the comments and we’ll pass it along to him!

Sven’s Movie Era Tokens


  1. These look amazing!

    As someone running a 2290s game on Roll20, I’d love to see more. It does need women (of all species) and preferably some seated versions of the console users (the standing ones look odd on chairs). Possibly a toolkit of parts to put together according to need? (Coloured department tabs and the like, and interchangeable heads?)

    Then again, you could be at it for years!

    1. Im Working on more and women but I had some real life issues so it could take a while to get more motivation^^. I see your point with the seated versions and I tried to do some of them but again then there was the real life ^^ but some day I try again^^

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