Title Sequence: Sojourner

Here’s the debut of my campaign’s title sequence, Star Trek: Sojourner (Season 2). Watch it, and read on to hear about how it was made.

The animated 3D sequence was filmed entirely in Dreams (PS4)and showcases some spectacular creations by other Dreamers, who made the nebulae (lucki_lady), the Borg Diamond (markg13), the blue ringed planet (lucki_lady), and the basic sculpt for the Intrepid class (kingblorgon). I updated the look of the Intrepid class, adding the lights and details and corrected parts of the basic sculpt. I also animated the torpedoes. Camera work was done in-game, with no editing of the scenes.

The music, which I call Sojourner’s Theme, was originally composed by me using GarageBand for a previous opening sequence. It was redone and the song extended using instruments in Dreams.

The title cards were done using Assembly (iOS app) and then iMovie to overlay them. I included players past and present in the sequence, for completeness sake.

It’s amazing what this game can do. You might have seen the ship’s bridge for the U.S.S. Gettysburg. I continue to practice my skills with more sculpts and short clips.

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