Replicator Resources: Fan Deoin Cleveland Wows Us With Layered Sheets!

As everyone knows, Continuing Missions loves to highlight the work of Star Trek Adventure fans. Today, we have some great work down by Deoin Cleveland. Deoin is an avid Tabletop Gamer. Most often, he ends up GMing games. He creates fan resources for Chronicles of Darkness and Star Trek Adventures. Star Trek was Deoin’s first fandom, and he hopes for a future as utopian as the one Star Trek promises humankind can achieve. Deoin lives in southern California. When he is not gaming, he is working on dual Graduate degrees (in Religious Studies and Divinity).

Layered Character Sheets, Support Sheets, Ship Registry with new logos.

Deoin created Layers in Acrobat with different badges for the top left corner (Voyager, TOS, Future, Picard, Discovery, etc…), a black background option, a RedAlert LCARS style, and a Blue (Nemesis/FirstContact) LCARS style. All are mix and catchable.

These sheets include different ship outlines (instead of just Galaxy-class) so you can mix and match them like the badges (including several TOS, Sovereign, a few Klingon and Maquis ships, etc). This is a work in progress, and he promises to add bits as he experiments (so feel free to make suggestions and he will see what can be done).

Just click this link to access the downloads.

(Directions: To access layers, go to the left toolbar in Acrobat or Reader, if the “layers icon isn’t showing right-click to add it. This works in Adobe, though he can’t vouch for any other PDF viewer.)

Please note that whatever layers you make visible are just for printing. You can’t save the visible layers unless you have the full Acrobat application. Otherwise, they just revert when you open the file again. This is primarily a cosmetic edit for printing.

Folder includes:
Starfleet Personnel Record (form fill with layers)
Ship Registry Entry (form fill with layers)
Starfleet Support Personnel Record (form fill with layers)

10 Starfleet Logos
2 Federation Logos
22 Alien Logos
1 Mirror Universe Logo
A couple alternative Logos
And others.

LCARS styles:
Orange/Purple- TNG/VOY/DS9 (Default)
Blue- First Contact / Nemesis
Red Alert

26 Federation starships
6 Federation smallcraft
2 Maquis
4 Klingon


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