Bridge Roles Reference: Klingon Battlestations Edition

With the new Klingon Core Rulebook introducing a streamlined set of rules, I have taken the Bridge Roles Reference: The Next Generation that I created, and updated the one-page summary of the key Tasks available in a starship battle to conform with the new rules.

The revised rules for starship combat include some Difficulty changes, as well as some rule changes. I have indicated those with a D’k tahg knife symbol, for people familiar with the original ruleset. I’ve included some new Boarding Actions as well. (Boarding Action Transport is the same roll as Transporters, at Difficulty 2.)

The ship stats are form-fillable. Simply type in the stat and it will populate all cells with that System or Department. I made a conscious choice not to make the character stats form-fillable, because in play there tends to be a lot of Overrides and different activated crew. You can likely cram in stats for several characters in a single line like our group does, with a sharp pencil, or give a copy to each player.

For GM use, I keep a blank copy in a plastic protector.


    1. Not immediately. Perhaps once the final Klingon Core Rulebook version is released and any other errata caught, I can do another version for Starfleet.

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