Bridge Roles Reference: The Next Generation (And Status Tabs)

My group (U.S.S. Sojourner NCC-75370) has been using the original Bridge Roles Reference that I created, a one-page summary of the key Tasks available in a starship battle. It has become the reference sheet they go to the most. Now that they have gone through several engagements and missions, they had some battle-tested feedback to improve the reference sheet. I’ve included their suggestions and expanded on several items, so that we won’t have to keep looking things up.

Also, the ship stats are now form-fillable. Simply type in the stat and it will populate all cells with that System or Department. I made a conscious choice not to make the character stats form-fillable, because in play there tends to be a lot of Overrides and different activated crew. You can likely cram in stats for several characters in a single line like our group does, with a sharp pencil.

As an added bonus, here are Status Tabs, hexagonal cut-outs you can use to place under a starship model (or one of our handy hex-coasters), to track whether a ship has the following statuses active: Shields Up, Modulated Shields, Attack Pattern, Evasive Action, if it Scanned for Weakness, or has been Blocked by another ship (see the Command Division supplement). Simply cut these out, and fold the tabs underneath when they are not active.

Let us know what you think!


EDIT: typo in Sensor Sweeps difficulty fixed.

Bridge Roles TNG Fillable V3BridgeRolesTNGFillableV3


Status Tabs (PDF)




  1. looks great! Only comment I would have is that it would be nice for the Difficulty of each bridge task (if known) could be included as well.

      1. Your difficulty for Evasive maneuver is listed as 2 but the book lists it as 1. Checked the rest of the sheet and I don’t see anything else wrong.

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