Replicator Resources: The Bridge Roles Reference by Dr. Tony Pi

Once every generation, a discovery is made that completely shatters the bounds of awesome role-playing. I am so happy to introduce this generation’s game changer courtesy of Star Trek Adventures legendary gamer Dr. Tony Pi.

Who is Dr. Pi? He is a science fiction and fantasy writer with a Ph.D. in Linguistics. He is also a long-time gamer and Star Trek fan, and his group playtested Star Trek Adventures aboard the USS Venture. Tony says, “I’m looking forward to running more exciting voyages in the Star Trek universe in the Next Generation era.”

My online gaming group immediately starting using this tool when I stumbled across it on the Star Trek Adventures wiki. It made life SO easy for us. Tony, if you keep creating tools like this, you might end up writing a supplement.

And let us know what tools you are creating to simplify gameplay too! Enjoy, everyone! Download the PDF or see more of Tony Pi’s work at this link.



  1. My players thought it was a brilliant idea and helped in the game I ran on Thursday Night. Good Job Dr Pi !

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