4 Reasons Why Star Trek Adventures Is Needed Now More Than Ever

RPGers are a social bunch—in a way. I have heard from a lot of tabletop RPG players about how COVID-19 had upset their routine. Many have flocked to online RPG retreats like Discord or Roll20. For most of us, RPG is not just a time to socialize with friends. It is also a great stress reliever.

But you may have friends or family who are feeling isolated. They may not know what to do with their time. If they are already fans of Star Trek, inviting them to a basic gaming session of Star Trek Adventures (STA) could be an amazing way to break the boredom.

Should you be embarrassed to invite friends to play who might know nothing about Star Trek? Absolutely not! In fact, here is an article to help you explain the benefits of RPG to your friends, especially the fun of the normally-optimistic Star Trek universe.

Great Way to Kill Time

Of course, they were playing Star Trek Adventures

Not sure what to do while you are hunkering down avoiding a plague of Biblical proportions? RPG is a fantastic solution. Most STA modules are designed to be completed in 3-4 hours. However, if you can convince your pals to schedule a regular day and time each week or month to gather online, you can create a terrific tradition that will be hard to shake loose.


Of course, for some of us playing RPG is as simple as texting, especially if you use an app like Discord to run your games. We list here at Continuing Missions plenty of resources to make shelter-in-place gaming just as riveting as in-person tabletop play. Resources include remarkably-designed dicebots, links to jaw-dropping character generators, the ultimate in geek guides and advice, and much, much more.

Healthy Escapism

rpg3Binge-watching eventually can become a mind-numbing affair. Interaction is nil unless you have friends or family who offer live criticism during shows. The news is depressing. Experts are recommending no more than 30 minutes of news or social media per day.

On the other hand, RPG—and Star Trek Adventures RPG n particular—provides episodic roleplaying opportunities. A big draw to Star Trek for fans is the overall optimistic endings to most stories. Mankind is at its best. People can be themselves. Diversity and inclusion are encouraged and sought after. Peace trumps divisiveness. Money is no longer an issue as humanity pursues the arts and sciences.

As an active GM, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear my players spread peace, justice, and unity throughout our little chunk of the universe. Consistently, my players encourage acceptance, not just in the game, but in our personal lives too. The games are a refreshing way to escape.

Roleplaying Helps Us Empathize

rpg2Becoming another character allows players to test out different social tools in a safe environment. Being able to be a male, female, or a different alien or gender altogether is a healthy way to put yourself in another person’s shoes.

For reasons unknown, some adults stop playing make-believe at some point in their lives. In fact, studies have shown that children pretending is a great way to learn empathy. Why should playing make-believe stop just because we achieved our top height? Many would agree that now more than ever empathy is lacking for fellow Human beings. I challenge my players to create Values that challenge the status quo while playing STA.

The lessons learned in a gaming session with great Social Conflict can be carried into the real world.

Creation is Art

rpg4Creating your own Star Trek character is a work of art. Like impressionist paintings, no two characters are ever alike. In fact, many people will tell you they enjoy creating characters more than actually playing them.

Some have spent weeks, months, years, or, in some cases, decades playing a single character. These creatures of our imagination take on lives of their own. Ask any long-tine RPGer. They can talk about their characters as if they are real people and recount their life events, evens sometimes better than their own.

Each character is a piece of art formed from the limitless palette of the Star Trek universe. Spend an initial gaming session JUST creating characters with new players. They do not need to know anything about Star Trek to create a futuristic character who has their own set of dreams, interests, life events, and preferences.

Once your friends have created their characters, hand them their first Starfleet assignment. That is when they get to breathe life into their future self.

Have you experienced the joy of playing RPG while sheltering-in-place? We would love to hear your stories. And we would be happy to share more tips and tricks with you specifically on Star Trek Adventures RPG. Come chat with us at the Star Trek Adventures Facebook page.


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