Spaceframe: Anton-class Science Cruiser – 2197

A guest spaceframe post by Mark Compton, the Anton Class.

Commissioned: 2197


Near the turn of the twenty-second century, Starfleet was dealing with an aging fleet of ships such as the NX and Daedalus-class. The Anton-class was to be the first in a new breed of starship that would allow exploration of space beyond the Federation’s frontier. The design was refined over a dozen times before actual construction began. Much like the NX-class before her, the Anton married the engineering and operations sections of the ship into one solid unit, with two warp nacelles held away from the ventral of super structure on long support struts. Due to the constraints at the time of launch, the Anton-class was only capable of performing a three-year mission before resupply was required. 


As an exploration vessel, the Anton suffered from the fact that technology after her creation was advancing faster than the class could be upgraded. With a top speed of Warp 7.2. The Anton-class was lightly armed, mounting only four phasers in two banks. The incorporation of a shuttle bay, allowed for embankment craft to more easily be launched from the vessel. The introduction of the Constitution-class regulated the Anton-class to the role of scout before they were phased out of service completely.

Note from the author: The Anton-class was one of my favorite visually compelling ships from the FASA material. It was older than the Constitution and very lightly armed. But to look at her, she (like the Chandley) was a very pretty ship.  I hope someone can take this and find some joy to use her in their campaign. 

IMAGE CREDITS: majorracal

Entered Service: 2197





Scale 4


  • Phaser Banks
  • Tractor Beam (Strength 2)


Anton-class starships have the following Talents:

  • Independent Phaser Supply
  • Advanced Sensor Suites

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