The “FASA Fleet” – Third Grouping

Back today with another set of spaceframes from the Federation Ship Recognition Manual! Just like the previous two entries, these spaceframes come from a popular supplement from a previous RPG, updated for your Star Trek Adventures 23rd century campaigns.

The Two Sides of Starfleet

We’ve got a bit of a mixture in this grouping, vessels with a number of different mission types and mandates. The first is the Anton-class science cruiser pushing the boundaries of Federation space during the 23rd century “Great Awakening.” This is the original purpose of Starfleet, extending back before the founding of the Federation to the NX program, but it is not the only purpose of Starfleet. When the Federation is threatened, those same exploratory vessels must shift to a combat footing to defend the borders and protect its citizens. The Baker-class destroyer is a ship for that part of Starfleet, though it superficially resembles the Anton class its design is very different and intended for a different sort of mission. The Larson-class is another destroyer type and though it looks very different with its single nacelle it can serve right alongside the Baker class to hold the line.

In between, the Ranger class is a military scout and blends these two sides of Starfleet. While its research potential is limited, in times of peace the Ranger spaceframe can map and explore to pave the way for Starfleet’s exploration mandate. In times of conflict, however, these ships can be providing the intelligence data that the more military-focused vessels require. These spaceframes represent Starfleet’s efforts to bridge the gap between their idealistic origins and pragmatic mission during the tumultuous 23rd century. The Wizard class pushed the bar technologically as a testbed for remote piloting. With these sorts of changes the Federation could continue its mandates and change the look and nature of its starships.


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