U.S.S. Lynx Timeship Prototype

Mark Compton returns with a timeship prototype.

U.S.S. LYNX NCC-4600

Time Ship Prototype

Entered Service: 22??

OVERVIEW: The U.S.S. Lynx is a Monoceros-class starship heavily modified for the express purpose of exploring the viability of time travel for research purposes. After several temporal incidents, many of which can be attributed to one vessel and her captain, (See U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C. – 1701; Kirk, James T.) Starfleet determined that having a functional temporal capable ship was required. For security purposes, the ship is manned at all times, even when birthed in drydock under heavy security. The ship operates under strict temporal edicts that prevent the crew from influencing the timeline.

CAPABILITIES: The U.S.S. Lynx has been outfitted with a primary warp engine, for temporal displacement, and a secondary warp drive as an emergency backup. The U.S.S. Lynx achieves temporal displacement via the precise application of a “cold start” formulation of the primary warp core. Both engines are capable of temporal displacement, but the secondary warp drive does not possess the various safety interlocks found in the primary drive. The ship is lightly armed, six phasers in three banks of two, and two forward-firing photon torpedoes tube. These weapons are to be used for the defense of the vessel and to prevent the technology from falling into non-Federation hands. Finally, the ship has been outfitted with a cloaking device in order to avoid detection while observing past cultures.

Images: 3d Model: Mat Recardo; Technical Specifications: Lawrence Miller

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