Expanding The Nebula

By: Mark L. Compton

Ah, the Nebula-class, the beautiful kitbashed updated version of the Miranda-class. The write up in the Command Division Supplemental Rulebook gives us some details about the ship. One of the primary details mentioned in the CDSR are the various types of mission pods that can be swapped out at a Starbase. It mentions six separate types of pods, but only provides us stats for three. So, I have decided to take it upon myself to provide for you, my fellow players those additional pods referenced in the Command Division book, and a couple more additional pods I created myself.

First, though I’d like to address something that is a house rule of mine regarding the Nebula-class. I know that it is mentioned in issue 154 of Star Trek Communicator but that source is an apocryphal source. It is my personal opinion that the Saucer Separation Talent is a talent that the class does not possess. My reasoning for this is how close the upper structure pod is to the primary hull. It would take an extremely difficult Conn Task to separate the ship without hitting the pod. In my games, I’ve replaced it with Modular Laboratories, this, to me, tracks with the ship being a sister ship to the Galaxy-class. 

Anyway, in this add-on, you will find six additional pod types to use on Nebula-class starships in your game. I hope that somehow you can find a use for them.


  1. Any indication how many additional shuttles or fighter craft can be carried on the Nebula “Carrier” pod?

  2. Since it has the Extensive Shuttlebays Talent, it would follow the rule for that talent allowing it to have twice as many small craft active that normal. It would also be capable of carrying 2 scale 2 craft.

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