Player Species: El-Aurian

by Mark Compton

So, we have only seen three examples of this race: Tolian Soran (Star Trek: Generations), Martus Mazur (DS9: “Rivals”), and of course Guinan (Star Trek: TNG). There are very few facts we know about them. We know they are long-lived as Guinan appears to have not aged a day in four hundred seventy-five years (TNG: “Time’s Arrow; 1893-2368). We know that the Borg wiped out their civilization. (TNG: “Q Who”, “Ensign Ro”, “I Borg”). And we know that Guinan has the ability to sense if there has been an alteration in the timeline (TNG: “Yesterday’s Enterprise”). 

While there is no on-screen canon explanation for this, one apocryphal source explains that since there was an Echo of Guinan in the Nexus (Star Trek: Generations), this echo existed outside of Time and therefore allowed the Guinan in the real world to have “feelings” when alterations were made to the timestream. (Star Trek Novel: “Engines of Destiny”).

I’ve always liked the El-Aurians as a species. The main character of my Fan Fiction/Role-Playing game, Captain Solan Vidar, is one of the forty-seven Nexus survivors like Guinan. They are the one species I’ve always wanted to see an official write up for in Star Trek Adventures. I had hoped we would get one in the Delta Quadrant sourcebook, and it was my one true disappointment with that material.

So, I have decided to present you, my fellow players, with my own species write up for the El-Aurians. I hope you find it useful and have as much fun integrating it into your game as I had writing it. 

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