Player Species: El-Aurian

by Mark Compton

So, we have only seen three examples of this race: Tolian Soran (Star Trek: Generations), Martus Mazur (DS9: “Rivals”), and of course Guinan (Star Trek: TNG). There are very few facts we know about them. We know they are long-lived as Guinan appears to have not aged a day in four hundred seventy-five years (TNG: “Time’s Arrow; 1893-2368). We know that the Borg wiped out their civilization. (TNG: “Q Who”, “Ensign Ro”, “I Borg”). And we know that Guinan has the ability to sense if there has been an alteration in the timeline (TNG: “Yesterday’s Enterprise”). 

While there is no on-screen canon explanation for this, one apocryphal source explains that since there was an Echo of Guinan in the Nexus (Star Trek: Generations), this echo existed outside of Time and therefore allowed the Guinan in the real world to have “feelings” when alterations were made to the timestream. (Star Trek Novel: “Engines of Destiny”).

I’ve always liked the El-Aurians as a species. The main character of my Fan Fiction/Role-Playing game, Captain Solan Vidar, is one of the forty-seven Nexus survivors like Guinan. They are the one species I’ve always wanted to see an official write up for in Star Trek Adventures. I had hoped we would get one in the Delta Quadrant sourcebook, and it was my one true disappointment with that material.

So, I have decided to present you, my fellow players, with my own species write up for the El-Aurians. I hope you find it useful and have as much fun integrating it into your game as I had writing it. 

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  1. Two questions: 1) WHEN will Modiphius finally PUBLISH the official game stats for an El-Aurian character? (My captain, like yours, is El-Aurian. Guinan is my character’s godmother, who helped raise him after the group was spit-out onto Earth from the Nexus. Jaryd Harker’s father is Martus Mazur (who was just under cover at DS9 when he appeared), and Boothby is his paternal uncle (Boothby and Martus Mazur being brothers.) After Jaryd grew to adulthood and went to college, he chose the Earth surname Harker for himself, thinking that would be appropriate for a Listener. After two centuries practicing medicine in San Francisco, he finally was convinced to join Starfleet. I ran the PC character through two game systems like that, and he eventually got kicked upstairs to the center seat, thanks to a friend of mine named Tony, who was GM at the time. That’s how Harker became captain of the Nova Class USS Twilight, which is a medical research vessel. Next question: How do I post Harker’s character sheet, and USS Twilight’s character sheet here?

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