Federation Mission Scoutship

By: Mark Compton & Paul Worth

Once again, we have stumbled across a design that we were perplexed that no one has done before. Trust us, we looked. At any rate, this is the Scoutship Data used in Star Trek: Insurrection. These things are Runabout sized, so they could be carried in a shuttle bay, I mean we still don’t understand how Voyager carried the Delta Flyer, and its regular shuttles, AND Neelix’s ship as well. These little ships give you the opportunity to have single one-on-one adventures with your players, or as introductory adventures if you are trying to get someone interested in playing. In theory, based on its size, you should be able to fit a small crew into this thing.  Take note there are no canon sources to back it up. However, the access hatch is on the top in the middle, so there is obviously some sort of room or an open area behind the cockpit. Make of that what you will. 
All in all, this ship could be used for a Lower Decks type mission, where your regular players all take “Supporting Cast” characters, and go off on some “boring” scout mission, only to have hilarity ensue.
We hope that you enjoy this spaceframe, as much as we enjoyed making it.

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