New Species: The Karekki

We have a new fan-made species for you today, the Karekki! Their designer calls them “Libertarian Hummingbirds” and… well, I can’t say it any better.

Bryan Grob has been running star Trek RPGs for nearly 16 years and has run 3 long-running Star Trek Adventures campaigns. He recently guested on the ongoing STA Engage podcast, co-hosted by Jeff Harvey who runs the Star Trek Fleet Command Discord server and Continuing Mission’s own Michael Dismuke. You can hear Bryan in Episode 12 talking about how to create and use aliens in your Star Trek Adventures game where he mentions this very species!

The Karekki are a strange alien species, completely without government and relying entirely on trade and contact. They would be a difficult species to negotiate with (as the STA Engage episode gets into) and their Bazaarworlds seem like something out of the third action-packed season of Star Trek: Discovery. Use them today in your campaign to make your galaxy a little more interesting!


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