Georgiou-class Spaceframe

Today we’ve got an awesome new spaceframe for you courtesy of Bryan Grob. The Georgiou class is a fan update of the Walker class from Star Trek: Discovery into the Movie Era of Star Trek.

The first Federation starship seen in Star Trek: Discovery, well before the show’s namesake vessel, is the Walker-class U.S.S. Shenzhou. It is captained by the incomparable Philippa Georgiou with the show’s main protagonist Michael Burnham as her first officer. The show’s beginning is just before the original series putting the Walker class as a contemporary to the Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise. Thomas Marrone of Star Trek Online decided to takek the general shape of the Walker class and update it to the movie era aesthetic just like the Enterprise refit.

You can read about the in-game fiction of how this frame becomes relevant to the STO timeline but for us the spaceframe named after Captain Georgiou is relevant today because Bryan has written it up for your Movie Era Star Trek Adventures campaign. Go out there and make the captain proud!

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