The crew receives a scrambled distress call from Deep Space 6. The communique is full of static but reeks of desperation. The message was sent two weeks ago, and the communications officer cannot clear it up. The player vessel is the closest Federation ship to the station being ten days away if they travel at maximum warp.

More of the message can be deciphered once the players starship is within three days of Deep Space 6. They receive, “…mander Reed… Space 6. We are in need of immed… The station has been overrun by… They are everywhere. We have already lost one… eaten by… Multiplying at a phenomenal rate. Please send…” The message cuts out and the crew cannot gather more from the message. Gamemasters may spend threat to create complications related to fear and paranoia as the players discuss their theories regarding what is happening on the station.

The player vessel will come into long-range view of the station. Magnifying the screen will show that the communications array seems to have exploded from the inside. However, there are lights on the station. Some of them are flickering. Once within medium range of the station, life signs can be picked up. In addition to thousands of station personnel, sensors pick up an overabundance of another lifeform. Talarian hook spiders.

The spiders are propagating at a rapid rate due to a foolish Federation scientist splicing their DNA with that of tribbles. The characters must find a remedy for the problem or evacuate the infested station. (Reference Talarian Hook Spider stats in Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook, page 341.)


  1. I can’t imagine Talarian hook spiders being all that tasty. And who’d want to eat tribbles? Bleagh.

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