Star Trek Adventures the Card Deck—Roles

The talent bursting forth from the fans of Star Trek Adventures RPG is dizzying. This mind-blowing project is the child of Ricardo Gonzalez, the best friend everyone wishes they had.

Ricardo Gonzalez has been GMing Star Trek Adventures since 2018. When he’s not playing fast-and-loose with canon and the crew of the USS Greenwich, he is a UI programmer, a father, and a lifelong Trek fan. The design of STA cards are lovingly stolen from the old Decipher CCG cards, in a bid to give his players a better handle on the many rules and talents. The first printed batch was a hit, and he’s been creating more ever since. It’s a fun challenge (not to mention a great excuse to rewatch episodes) to try to find the perfect screenshot for a Talent or Value!

Ricardo went about making cards for the various automatic talents that the senior staff of starships gets for being part of the bridge crew. Enjoy! (Check out his entire series by searching: Ricardo Gonzalez.

See Roles in Google Drive.

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  1. Seeing those card types brought back a lot of memories and a lot of money spent buying the CCG card packs 🙂 still have some lying about somewhere. Happy times

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