Star Trek Adventures the Card Deck—Talents

Ricardo Gonzalez won’t stop wowing us—now with Talents cards!

Ricardo Gonzalez has been GMing Star Trek Adventures since 2018. When he’s not playing fast-and-loose with canon and the crew of the USS Greenwich, he is a UI programmer, a father, and a lifelong Trek fan. The design of STA cards are lovingly stolen from the old Decipher CCG cards, in a bid to give his players a better handle on the many rules and talents. The first printed batch was a hit, and he’s been creating more ever since. It’s a fun challenge (not to mention a great excuse to rewatch episodes) to try to find the perfect screenshot for a Talent or Value!

Ricardo went about making cards for the various values. Enjoy! (Check out his entire series by searching: Ricardo Gonzalez.

See Talents in Google drive

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