Small Update


Just a small update regarding all the Species found in Ten Forward Fridays and spaceframes in Starship Sundays (excluding ships now in official books).

Last year I moved to InDesign for these files, resulting in cleaner PDFs and the ability to quickly make PDFs with black backgrounds. But, in the process of replicating a hundred files, numerous copy-paste errors crept in. Plus existing typos and phrasing errors.

I’ve been meaning to do an extensive editing pass over this content for some time, and over the past month or two finally managed to complete a revision, updating the couple hundred files on the site. (Hopefully, with few errors in the links.) And I took the opportunity to update the NPC ships and opponents in the Generating Threat section.

If you spot a dead link or other egregious error, let me know in the comments so I can tweak that entry.

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