Collection of Starship Sheets

We’ve got a special collaboration today between long-time fan of the site Christian Fernandez-Duque and Chris Leland a.k.a. Mr. Gone of character sheet fame. Between the two of them, they’ve gone through every spaceframe they could find, here and throughout the books, and used Cory Belote‘s fantastic sheets to make some pre-statted PDFs for you all.

I really like these as a resource because it leans into how personal the ship is for the crew. Having a sheet with a silhouette that actually looks like your ship just makes it all the more special. Look through these and find your ship to turn your standard old starship sheet into a keepsake for your game.

Federation Spaceframe Sheets

Klingon Spaceframe Sheets

Romulan Spaceframe Sheets

Ferengi Spaceframe Sheets

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