Volant Chronicles: Season 1, Episode 0: Rescue at Xerxes IV

By Gavin Downing

Before the campaign began in earnest, I ran a brief optional “prep session,” in which a few of the PCs got to see how the system worked.  I sort of see it as a “promotional comic” or something like that, tied to the TV series of the episodes to come.  Nothing happens in it that you need to watch the show, but if you picked it up, it may whet your appetite to watch the show.

Here’s how it went:


Commander Barret, Lt. T’rel, and Lt. Commander Kritassen were traveling to Nardenda Station to report to the Volant, when they responded to a distress call from a science facility. It was studying a world with no intelligent life, but they discovered it has irregular storms that caused those caught in it to devolve.  The science team was mostly Neanderthal-like folks by the time the Runabout arrived. Kritassen used their scientific know-how to cure them and get everyone off the world.

Meanwhile, on Narenda Station, Captain K’mir learned they had a Klingon assigned to her crew.  K’mir accepted this assignment with grace, though he had some understandable concerns.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 48215.2

Preparations on Narenda Station for the U.S.S. Volant are nearly complete. I have gotten the chance to meet with the majority of my commanding officers. I believe they will serve the ship and our mission well.

While waiting for the last of the command crew to arrive, I was informed there was to be a last minute addition to my officers. As part of Starfleet’s continued diplomatic relationship with the Klingons, Sogh Khurron of the House Tsost has been assigned to join our mission. For now, he will be acting as the communications officer due to his wide knowledge and experience with alien cultures. My command team took the news well.

Sogh Khurron is one of few who can say they’ve explored into the Shackleton Expanse. I am sure he will be a valuable asset to our mission. I do not anticipate there to be any cultural conflicts that cannot be bridged, but only time will tell. I look forward to working with him, and the rest of my commanders.

As Barret, T’rel, and Kritassen arrived at the station, before they could even report in, probes discovered a plasma trail that was believed to be from a missing civilian science vessel that disappeared six weeks ago.  The Volant scrambled to investigate and rescue the scientists.
The players, of course, had a blast, and were very eager to get started with the story outright.
Next time: Season 1, Episode 1: Decision Point!

A painting Kritassen did of Xerxes IV

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