Time to Show Off the Crew of the USS Volant!

STA Uber-Fan Gavin Downing has picked up his copy of Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook and is launching his new campaign. He promised to make regular reports.  And Continuing Missions promises to keep exhibiting his, and other creators, awesomeness! ‘Cause that’s what we do!

Let’s start with the USS Volant’s opening show sequence.

The opening credits were made rapidly with clips taken from Star Trek Online. It was rushed to be completed in time to surprise my gaming group during their first session, so there are some errors I would correct if I could, but at this point, it’s done. As for surprising my gaming group, it definitely worked. Mission accomplished!

And now, here is the command crew of the USS Volant:

Captain K’mir

Captain K’mir, Caitian (he/she/they).  Coming from a small, isolated Federation colony world, Captain K’Mir managed to make it through Starfleet academy as one of the top students in his class. When their Captain was killed on duty, she was forced to take command of the situation. They managed to talk down the hostiles before anyone else got hurt and kept command of the ship for several years until he was reassigned to the USS Volant.

To those who know of them, she is semi-infamous for always trying to negotiate their way through a situation, using violence as an absolute last resort (less conflict-adverse members of Starfleet throw around the term ‘pacifist’ as an insult).  Their reputation is one of an unflappable, if slightly aloof, CO who will try to talk her way through any situation.

Commander Avery Barret

Commander Avery Barret, Human (he/him).  Works hard, plays hard. Teamwork makes the dream work, and Avery’s dream is to meet even more inscrutable godlings, breathe in even more spores and bathe in even stranger energy fields than those written about in the logs of the noble officers of Starfleet that came before him.  Despite that eager enthusiasm, or perhaps because of it, he is an exemplary Starfleet officer.

Yeoman Emony Nala

Yeoman Emony Nala, Trill (she/her).  She was Joined the same week she graduated Starfleet, and that wasn’t that long ago. Professional, dedicated, and serious, and fresh out of the Academy.  She’s the ship Yeoman, handling research and support for the officers.

Ensign Laalen Ara

Ensign Laalen Ara, Betazoid (he/him).  Also recently out of the Academy, having met Emony before she was Nala.  Young and eager and ready to make an impression.  When still a cadet, he briefly served with Kritassen, where his psychic abilities helped negotiate a treaty with a newly-warp-capable species just outside the Federation. He’s the helmsman of the ship.

Lt Commander Drezz Klynn

Lt Commander Drezz Klynn, Bolian (he/him).  Friendly, optimistic, and upbeat, he helped save a major colony world of the Naussicans (a violent, ill-tempered race) and as such, is lauded as a hero of these people. Drezz is not sure what to do with this fact.  He is the chief engineer.

Lt. T’rel

Lt. T’rel, Vulcan (she/her).   Due to an experience with a cosmic alien space being that communicated with projective empathy, she felt incredibly intense emotions, and she still isn’t sure what to do with that sensation, even a year or so later.  T’rel adopted a pet cat when a previous shipmate’s cat had a litter. She has named her cat “Admiral Boots.” Boots, of course, is just the logical cat name. And “Admiral” because of how demanding he can be. It is, of course, not intended as a serious sign of rank, which she assumes her peers will understand.  She is the security officer.

Lt. Commander Kritassen

Lt. Commander Kritassen, Zaranite (he/him).  In addition to his Starfleet career, he is also a renowned Zaranite painter, using paints and colors well outside the visible spectrum for most species. Still, with some technological aides, some other species can get a hint as to what his work looks like to Zaranites.  He joined Starfleet to see more of the universe… and paint it.  He is the Science Officer.

Chiurgeon Bisha

Chiurgeon Bisha, Andorian (she/they).  She started in Starfleet’s Marine corps, but discovered she had a knack for field medicine, and retrained as a doctor. Bisha has been around the block a few times, and nothing surprises her anymore. She is still an extremely talented combat medic, providing medical assistance in the field as well as in sickbay.  She is also skilled at personal combat, particularly with an ushaan-tor, which she uses to defend her charges as needed.  She prefers the ancient Andorian term for doctor, and goes by Chirurgeon.

Sogh Khurron

Sogh Khurron, Son of Ruuhg, Klingon (QuchHa’) (he/him).  House Tsost is known for their scouts and for thinking that Honor comes from challenging the void, marking them as a bit different already. They were hit particularly hard by the plague, and on top of that, something in the house’s genetics made the cure somewhat less effective for them. While some in the House have altered themselves to look like standard Klingons, others embrace the difference, believing it marks them as more honest and truly who they are.  When Khurron, son of Ruuhg, from House Tsost volunteered to help with the exploration of the Shackleton Expanse, citing some previous experience scouting the expanse for his House in his youth, General Kargan knew his skills would be of use, but also his questionable lineage, along with his tendency to eschew traditional Klingon armor in exchange for his clan’s scout armor, would mean most true Klingons wouldn’t want anything to do with him. So he was assigned to serve aboard the USS Volant, as an “exchange officer.” He is a skilled warrior and navigator, with an ear for languages, so he has been made the chief navigator for the time being, with the understanding that he will report what he learns to General Kargan on a regular basis.


    1. Gavin, the creator responded, “Nebula. Because the only version I could get in Star Trek Online has those reversed nacelles, I have explained that by noting that the engines are altered to handle the reported strange phenomena of the Expanse.”

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