STA Fan Dan Healey Debuts the Saratoga and its Crew!

Submitted by Dan Healey

During the pandemic months of 2020, Dan, Chris, Steve, and John were all part of a Roll20 D&D campaign, when the DM had a freakout and abruptly quit. The guys were looking into starting another game. At the same time, Mike and Brian had gotten into TTRPG and wanted a regular game.

Dan was thinking about DMing but wasn’t as seasoned with D&D. He did know was Star Trek, though. He found the Star Trek Adventures books and began coming up with a campaign and brought it to his friends who are all Star Trek fans themselves, some having it either passed down from a parent, others discovering it on their own, except Chris. [Chris Edit: I just watched all of DS9 and I’m 3 seasons into TNG!]

Once everyone was comfortable getting together, they started the adventures of The Cadets of the USS Saratoga-A.

-Brian plays Jared Rosner, human, a promising pitcher who had to leave his baseball career behind due to augmentation, but decided to rise to the challenge of Starfleet. [Brian Edit: his nickname is Midas!]

-Mike plays Latha Kag, Bajoran, a survivor of the occupation of Bajor by the Cardassians. His talent for improvised machines made him a promising candidate for Starfleet engineering track. [Mike Edit: for now, we’ll see.]

-Steve plays Storn, Vulcan/Betazed, A child of diplomats, his love of security started when he was young, and was able to fend off raiders of his father’s ship. Starfleet was a logical conclusion.

-Chris plays Dr. Thane Forgrave, human, a man displaced by time, a scientist in the TOS era, an accident launched him 100 years into the future. Accepting his fate, he continues on, rising to the challenge of a new world.

– And John plays Lt. Comm. Forix, Tellarite/Liberated Borg, Dash Jer Kev was an officer making a name for himself working in one of the outposts on the edge of Federation space, until the Borg came. He was assimilated and thankfully rescued. The progress has been slow and he still keeps some of the implants as a reminder. He also goes by Forix now, for 4 of 6, because he never wants to forget what happened and the USS Saratoga is his chance to get back on track.

After playing monthly for 2 years, they decided to begin recording their sessions and to form the Table Toppers because of their combined interest in different tabletop systems and themes, and not the tripping people flat on their backs.

[Steve Edit: I didn’t even know that meant that]

[John Edit: Shut up, Steve!]

Please check out our Table Toppers YouTube channel and our Actual Play, Red Alert: USS Saratoga!

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