Antarctica-class Medical Frigate

This medical starship should be more interesting to play than the Olympic class. I feel it is better suited for the frontier areas of the Federation.

Starfleet Medical had to give back three Nebula class starships that they had borrowed (which after some refits were put on the front lines of the Dominion War) to be able to get this prototype built. Due to its resounding success in 2373, four more of this class were scheduled to roll out in 2374.

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  1. Shouldn’t this ship have a Tractor Beam of Strength 4 instead of 5? It has 5 Talents and is Scale 5, so its Tractor should be Scale – 1, so Strength 4.

    Also, with the Extensive Shuttlebays Talent, the Antarctica should be able to carry eight Scale 1 shuttles: (2 x (Scale-1)) –> (2 x 4) = 8, rather than six. Keep in mind this doesn’t take into account any Scale 2 runabouts if you want to include them in the Antarctica’s shuttle complement. So this ship can carry 1) eight shuttlecraft; or 2) four Scale 1 shuttlecraft and two Scale 2 runabouts; or 3) six Scale 1 shuttlecraft and one Scale 2 runabout (if I calculated this correctly).

  2. Yes, the tractor strength should be 4 (oversight on my part as I was debating on the scale of the ship) and their should be 8 type-9A shuttlecraft (typo – no autocorrect for numbers). Good catch! Thank you and I have corrected the sheet accordingly

    It’s funny, I was expecting someone to point out that I could not have 8 EMH and 4 other ship talents. That will teach me to pay attention to the other details.

    Though, if someone is wondering, the ship has no torpedoes and the very large torpedo ammo bay was converted to hold the dedicated computers for the extra EMH. It is not a warship but a quick response hospital ship. It has phasers that can dissuade pursuit so that they can hightail it out of there.

    It is tempting to give it a Runabout but the Antarctica’s mission is to go where it needs to fast and get out. Besides, it is much faster than a Runabout.

  3. Claude, I cleaned up and edited your PDF a bit to make the language smoother and easier to read. If you want to upload this new version of your Antarctica PDF, email me at and I’ll send it to you so you can upload it for download here.

  4. Can I get a source for the ship art? I wanna try and find more angles of the thing for potential 3d shinanigannery.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I am afraid that is the only angle of the ship that exists. If there were any others, I would have included them. I can send you the .png file if that helps you.

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