New NPC Species: The Gurjuc

Here is the my first installment of many NPC species that I created for the Shackleton Expanse. This species is intended to substitute the usual, morally/ethically-challenged species: the Ferengi and the Orions. I know, it is not because their are a few bad apples does not mean that the whole batch is bad. Right!

With the recent release of the Mission Briefs: Trade ledgers for STA, GM’s can use this species instead of the usual questionable entities that are warping around the clandestine routes of the Beta Quadrant. Klingons, and Romulans alike, would enjoy trying to track down these guys. Enjoy!

I have included one of their starships that I created for their fleet as a bonus. It has some new weapon types and a new ship talent for GM’s to surprise your players with. Visually, the ship looks like a cross similar to this: , add some big and round shielded cargo pods below the horizontal line of the ship.

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  1. As I can’t say why you are unable to download, All I can say in response, is that I was able to download it 3 different ways with Chrome on a laptop. Here is how I did it.

    First, on the Adobe window, 3rd icon from the right is an arrow pointing at a line, Download #1.

    Secondly, there is the orange line below the window with a button that says download where I can either right click and Save as or press it where it brings up the pdf in an Adobe window, Download #2.

    Lastly, pressing Shift then left-clicking on orange link below which opens a new tab with the Adobe window, Download #3.

    1. Sorry I should have been more specific, I am able to download the form with all the stats and text, it’s just the picture of the ship that’s not appearing on the form.

  2. LOL. Just for you, I have made an artistic rendering of how I see the ship. Otherwise, no one would have been able to download an image of the ship.

    The issue with posting new alien ships is that finding images for them is difficult at best and most are copyrighted. Whereas my renderings are not. I will be updating the sheet in a few minutes. I will endeavor to render my vision of the ships for future posts.

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