Yattho Species by ‘Nathan Burgoine

Today we have a semi-original species for your Star Trek Adventures game. The Yattho were mentioned in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Before and After” as a Beta Quadrant species having prescient ability (a medical precedent that the Doctor was considering in diagnosing a time-tripping Kes). That’s all we get on the Yattho, but STA superfan ‘Nathan Burgoine (who previously gave us the “Thrown Stones” Mission Brief) has taken that seed and grown something very cool.

‘Nathan envisions the Yattho as a Klingon subject species, perhaps the reason they aren’t known more widely in the Star Trek universe. In ‘Nathan’s home game, a handful of Yattho were kidnapped by a group of Orions in a prologue to the published “Convoy SE-119” mission. There, some of the questions about how the Orion pirates in the story know about events are answered since they are using the Yattho as tools. There are a ton of different options for the Yattho like this in your STA games. Check them out and see what inspires you!

‘Nathan is an author who has been gaming since the red-box D&D days, but as a lover of all things Trek, he dove into Star Trek Adventures as soon as he learned about it (late to the party, but better late than never). He really enjoys co-operative gaming light on combat and heavy on puzzle-solving, of which Star Trek Adventures is a stellar example, and has two ongoing campaigns: one group crew the USS Curzon, the first almost-entirely-Trill ship, and the other group are now assigned to the USS Bellerophon and working their way through the Shackleton Expanse campaign, for which the Yattho were created. You can find him online at ApostropheN.wordpress.com.

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