Mission Brief: Thrown Stones

Today we have a brand new Mission Brief courtesy of STA fan ‘Nathan Burgoine. The brief is written combining the Barzan Wormhole from The Next Generation and some Delta Quadrant politics from Voyager, and if that doesn’t excite you then you need to reread it.

‘Nathan is an author who has been gaming since the red-box D&D days, but as a lover of all things Trek, he dove into Star Trek Adventures as soon as he learned about it (late to the party, but better late than never). He really enjoys co-operative gaming light on combat and heavy on puzzle-solving, of which Star Trek Adventures is a stellar example, and has two ongoing campaigns—one group crew the USS Curzon, the first almost-entirely-Trill ship, for which this Mission Brief was their first mission, and the other group are all members of Lt. Cmdr Shelby’s Task Force post-Wolf-359. You can find him online at ApostropheN.wordpress.com.


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