Wardroom Talk: A Variant On Rolling Damage

Someone on the Facebook group asked if there is an alternative to rolling Challenge Dice. They are great if you have the special dice from Modiphius, or if you are using something virtually like Majel. But inventing new ways of doing things is partly what Continuing Mission is about, so here my take on a variant of a damage system without Challenge Dice. Let’s call it the Rolling Damage At Full Impulse variant. The distribution will be different from rolling Challenge Dice, of course, but it should give you an approximate range.

Rolling Damage at Full Impulse

  • When damage is listed as N∆, calculate damage as follows:
    • base damage is N for the attack;
    • roll 2d6 and consult the table below:
      • 2-6: -2 damage (damage total = N-2)
      • 7-9: base damage (damage total = N)
      • 10-11: +2 damage (damage total = N+2)
      • 12: double base damage (damage total = N+N)
    • if you rolled doubles, you score a number of Effects equal to half N rounded up.
  • When you have an option to reroll Challenge Dice:
    • Choose one die only and reroll it. You cannot reroll both dice.

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