The Drella are mentioned as individuals capable of feeding on emotion (love specifically) in the TOS Episode “Wolf in the Fold”. They are natives of Alpha Carinae V in the Canopus system of the Beta Quadrant. Aside from that, no other canon material about the Drella exists. This makes them perfect candidates for lore expansion!

I specifically wanted the Drella to be similar to the D&D-classic Living Armor creature, while also playing up the fact they can exist both in and out of their shell. Their Empathic Leech Talent is a fun twist on the traditional Empath Talent that heals the Drella for being around those with positive emotions. You may note that I say nothing in their write up about what happens when a Drella is around those with negative emotions. That’s deliberate so that Players and Gamemasters can come up with an answer that fits their table!

If you want to see the Drella in action, you’ll want to check out my Star Trek: Drake campaign that will launch on May 24th.

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