A Wealth of Goodies from STA Superfan Roger Taylor

This U.S. Navy Vet, Grandfather of six, has been playing, writing, and running Star Trek RPGs since 1984.

We at Continuing Missions love to profile our talented fanbase. And, boy, do we have a great one for you today. Roger Taylor is a constant presence in the Star Trek RPG world, even having participated in the STA playtest. Let’s here his story then give you a batch of goodies he kindly donated to our site.

Roger tells us, “I “cut my teeth”, as it were, on FASA’s Star Trek II Tactical Combat Simulator, and quickly progressed to their Star Trek Roleplaying Game. Like the first girl you fall in love with, I’ll always have a soft spot for the Star Trek RPG- and played it off-and-on until I found LUGs Star Trek The Next Generation RPG in 1998. That satisfied the itch until Decipher released its CODA Star Trek RPG in 2002.”

“Despite some format/editing issues in the Player’s Guide I found CODA to be much more intuitive and easier to play than ICON,” Roger reports, “and it was the staple for my RPG groups until Modiphius hit my radar with Star Trek Adventures. I participated in the playtesting, and found a new home for my Trek RPGs.”

“In my opinion (and with apologies to my first love FASA Trek), STA is the easiest and most intuitive Trek RPG. The mechanics are simple, yet adaptable, and they work well with an episodic/story-first mindset. It was my experience that a lot of first and second-generation RPGs were so hyper-focused on accurately modeling reality that they became overloaded with game mechanics and minutia, and the sheer momentum of “the machine” slowed play and cumbersome when the rules didn’t QUITE account for everything,” he says.

Roger concludes by telling us, “STA cuts through nearly all that clutter and noise and allows the GM and players to concentrate on telling their STORY, rather than paging through endless manuals.”

Now, here are a bunch of goodies from the mind of Roger, a library of characters you can adapt for your game! Enjoy! Look for more posts from Roger in the future, including a bunch of cool Species Profiles along with two original game modules!

STA Character Library


  1. Well done, Sir. And while this Retired USAF aircraft maintainer approves of your gaming choices… the Navy thing… Not so much 😬

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