STA Newbie, Part IV—A Reflection on Chapters 1-2 of Gamemaster’s Guide

Hey, ya’ll. This is Michael Dismuke. You know me from Continuing Missions and as a freelance writer for STA. My nephew was given a school project to blog. When he told me about it, I told him I could make him famous (well, among the STA crowd) by inviting him to blog about his experience learning the game for the first time. Yep, you get to join us on this journey. [I might sometimes chime in to give the boy some guidance.] This will be a good training tool to teach him to be a blogger and a Trekkie all in one shot! Make sure to give him some shout-outs and encouragement as he learns why we all love Star Trek and STA!

Instead of going straight to chapter 3 and doing another kind of summary thingy, I wanted to do a reflection of chapters 1 and 2.

I enjoyed how many chapters one catered to a new person to Star Trek. I think my knowledge has grown so much since I first began. It’s silly to me. I used to think of Star Trek as just some stupid Star Wars knock-off, and I was 100 percent wrong.

Courtesy of Screen Rant

I read firsthand how Star Trek shows a promising future without any discrimination. Reading this in these times is very refreshing with how much is going on in the world. I also love how Star Trek includes similarities to the real world, such as salaries and how the Federation pays for you to be on ships and fight in battles. [Mm. Not quite, but you’ll understand in time.]

Before I started this journey, I knew so little, but now while reading, I feel Star Trek is a whole new universe of amazing complex stories and possibilities. I also felt great while reading as the book constantly stated how to make your own story, which if you have friends is a great thing to do, especially during these difficult times.

This walk-through has given me so much knowledge and mind-opening information, and I have to think my Uncle Micheal Dismuke for all of it. [Actually, you have over 55+ years of stories that celebrate IDIC in all of its forms and amazing fans that have kept the franchise alive through sheer force of will. That’s the real use of the force! Welcome to the club, kid!]

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  1. Clarify the salaries thing:

    The Federation Charter basically states that everyone has the fundamental right to certain living standards, such as a home, food, medical care, etc. and that this right takes the form of a percentage of a planet’s resources.

    You get all this as a RIGHT. This is not based on some arbitrary income levels or where you live or whatever, you get it. Period. Full stop.

    Now if you do things that help the Federation, like serve in Starfleet, volunteer your time, invent something that benefits the whole, etc. you can be assigned bonus resource percentage.

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