STA Newbie, Part V—14-Year-Old Maddox Takes on Chapter 3 of the Gamemasters’ Guide

Hey, ya’ll. This is Michael Dismuke. You know me from Continuing Missions and as a freelance writer for STA. My nephew was given a school project to blog. When he told me about it, I told him I could make him famous (well, among the STA crowd) by inviting him to blog about his experience learning the game for the first time. Yep, you get to join us on this journey. [I might sometimes chime in to give the boy some guidance.] This will be a good training tool to teach him to be a blogger and a Trekkie all in one shot! Make sure to give him some shout-outs and encouragement as he learns why we all love Star Trek and STA!

Chapter 3 was one of my favorite chapters.

I didn’t learn much about Star Trek, but the rules were well written. I didn’t think a book could make rules sound fun.

While reading chapter 3, I felt like I knew all the knowledge of the game. I learned that voyages have specific time frames, for example, a 5-year journey. I learned that the Gamemaster’s job is to make the game fun and interesting for everyone.

My favorite part was the story about the wars and the different time zones within Star Trek’s universes. I also got the pleasure of learning about various campaign missions.

Before going on this Star Trek Journey, I didn’t know just the wars alone in Star Trek could be so interesting. I also enjoyed learning how to play along with finding the ideal players to play a role-playing game with over an extended time.

With this chapter, I mainly learned how nearly a million ways to role play correctly.

Chapter 3, in my opinion, really helps envelop a hunger to play Star Trek with friends. I enjoy how the writer of chapter 3 took into account a reading level anyone over the age of 12 can understand and enjoy playing with friends. After chapter 3, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for chapter 4.

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  1. The entire book is amazing and there’s so much to get out of every chapter. Keep it up, I’m enjoying these entries.

    And Michael, where did that piece of art come from? It’s amazing but I don’t recall seeing it before.

    1. I have absolutely no recollection of seeing it! How on earth did that happen? I must have been so enthralled in what I was reading that I just flew past it. Unreal! That must mean it’s time to revisit those books for another read.

      1. It was originally from the Ships of the line colanders. It was entitled :Terminal Decent of the Allegiance

  2. The 5-Year Mission was mostly a TOS thing, though you could argue that there are plenty starships out there doing planned missions with a definitive timetable.

    TNG for instance didn’t have a timetable because the Enterprise-D was tasked to go from one place to another as a flagship vessel, and not a dedicated explorer.

    I wonder if our new GM will plan out a timetable explorer crew like TOS, heading out into the vast unknown, or go the TNG all over the place narrative?

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