STA Newbie, Part III—Maddox Writes About the Better Future Star Trek Envisions

Hey, ya’ll. This is Michael Dismuke. You know me from Continuing Missions and as a freelance writer for STA. My nephew was given a school project to blog. When he told me about it, I told him I could make him famous (well, among the STA crowd) by inviting him to blog about his experience learning the game for the first time. Yep, you get to join us on this journey. [I might sometimes chime in to give the boy some guidance.] This will be a good training tool to teach him to be a blogger and a Trekkie all in one shot! Make sure to give him some shout-outs and encouragement as he learns why we all love Star Trek and STA!

Chapter 2 of the Gamemasters Guide is, by far, my favorite.

On page 22 of chapter two, I loved how Star Trek has a future without racism, sexism, political unrest, disability, sexual discrimination, etc. My theory so far is that, with the threat of the Borg, minor issues people have with each other have faded away, creating a fantastic form of unity with all humans and alien species alike.

It gives me hope for our real-world; maybe all problems people have with one another can go away, and we can all live in happiness like brothers and sisters.

I also enjoy how many relatable things Star Trek has to our world, such as the religions and traditions of different species. Star Trek has faiths and practices with other people like the society we live in, but the storyline also has an economy, and page 24 even states that throughout the game, you can earn a salary which I think is so unique.

Chapter 2 wasn’t my favorite because it had so many common standards like the world we live in, but because of the technology. Once I read about cloaking devices, propulsion, hologram technology, sensors, etc. I could not stop reading, and on page 30, when I saw that spaceship battle, hands down, Star Trek has the most incredible looking ships in any sci-fi movie I have seen.

I was most excited when I started seeing weapons that are used, such as the phaser. I didn’t think such a small gun could pack such a punch. I also enjoyed how the Gamemaster Guide explained simple solutions that could have been done, such as firing torpedos in someone’s sun and giving a great explanation of why not to.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store in chapter 3.

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  1. Fortunately the Borg weren’t really a thing until the 23rd century (the retcon of the Borg showing up in ENT is non-canon in my opinion. Also I don’t count the movie First Contact because the only human of the time that knew about the Borg didn’t tell anyone).

    The reason why humanity united at all was because they had just finished WWIII and had First Contact with the Vulcans. And the prejudices between the founding member species of the Federation caused them many conflicts before the Humans showed them that if they kept going they would end up destroying themselves like Humanity almost did.

    Also the blogger’s fascination with the phasers and space battles is only Human. It took me a long time to really feel the non-violence part of Star Trek to be cooler than the violent ones.

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